ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

A CBS News article written by Jonathan Berr mentions that until recently no one knew how to spread the word about Lou Gehrig’s disease, also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).  That isn’t a problem anymore as a simple challenge has become and internet sensation and awareness is firmly in the know.

davidmantek_icebucketchallengeThe Ice Bucket Challenge was started by two friends with ALS and a group of pro golfers raising money from charity.  With the charities that received donations being associated with ALS, the Ice Bucket Challenge soon became an internet hit and now the ALS Association is glad that it did.  According to the association, from July 29 to August 18 they have received over $15.6 million in donations.  The ALS Association received the donations from 307,598 previous and new donors and the $15.6 million in the three week period was over a 750 percent increase from donations during that time the previous year.

The Ice Bucket Challenge hasn’t just been shared among friends on Facebook, it has reached celebrities like Justin Timberlake, sports athletes like Lebron James, politicians like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and high level executives like Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

As unfortunate as it is, because most donations to charities come from the private sector, all charities are often competing for the public’s donation.  That’s what makes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge so fantastic.  As the article mentions, it is increasingly tough to get noticed by the public for a good cause with so many organizations in the loop.  The “media-saturated” age in which we are living makes the ice bucket challenge a feat because of who it’s reached.  While many donations before the wave of the Ice Bucket Challenge have come from an older crowd, the Ice Bucket Challenge has reached out to the younger generation.  The videos from participants keep coming and the ALS Association is hoping the donations do too.