Charitable Donations in America

Glenn Ruffenach of the Wall Street Journal gave us a closer look at charitable donations in the United States. The infographic below (which was provided by WSJ online and Harris poll online survey) — surveyed 2,306 adults in July 2014 in order to accurately portray the social responsibility of the living generations in the United States. The infographic also covers the contribution within the past two to three years from each generation.

Overall, 91 percent of Americans have made a charitable donation within the last two or three years. The top four are: used clothing, money, food and used items- blood came in last with at a 18% giving rate from US adults in the last three years.

Moreover, millenials have this ideal theory that it is their social responsibility to mae the world a better place by being active compared to today’s baby boomers and Gen-x’ers. Here are  the primary findings from a recent Harris Poll titled “Money? Time? Blood? What Are Americans Giving?”

genrational gap charity