Innovation and Fundraising

Some of the toughest challenges that charities face today are finding a way to attract new donors, re-engaging  with current donors and getting constant donations regularly. A recurring problem for developing charities is figuring out a way to request time, skill,  and funds from potential donors without the fear of suffocating their donors with the pressure of too many wants. Chalimageslenging traditional fundraising gives charities a chance to aim at an interactive market and engage more people in giving time and resources while measuring their charitable impact.

According to Nicolle Wilkinson there are four established charities looking to tackle innovative fundraising. These charities have been awarded funding from Innovation in Giving Fund run by Nesta.


  1. Age UK partner with Ecomodo(a platform used for sharing) to create a new platform for giving; this initiative allows both organization to have a broader social impact. Age Uk believed their top 2 challenges are finding enough contributors to support their new services and encouraging anyone 50 and over to become more involved with innovation and engagement.
  • The idea behind building on Ecomodo’s existing platform is allowing Age UK to explore newer business ideas based on sharing skills and encouraging the older generation to explore and actively engage in society.

What is AGE UK?

  • Age UK is the UK’s largest charity dedicated to making the most out of your later life.

Mission: Age UK’s vision is for a world where everyone can love later life.

2.   The Children’s Society

  • The Children’s Society plans to offer their supporters full transparency on the details behind their donation to a local project. The idea was developed in 2012 at the annual key supporter conference. During the conference, supporters stated they wanted to fully understand where their donations are being spent and how their making a difference.
  • The solution will be to utilize mobile, web, app and widget technology in order to give supporters real time updates to thank them for their donations.

What is The Children’s Society?

  • An organization fighting child poverty and neglect.

Mission:  To create a country where children are free from disadvantage. The Children’s Society continues to fight  for a change in the world that disadvantaged children deserve.

3.  Food Cycle

  • FoodCycle is looking to bring together 14 hubs and increase their charitable impact. The potential challenges would be ramping up local hub fundraising while figuring out what the best growth model would be to accomplish this goal. Food Cycle is partnering up to test new ways to grow as a volunteer hub network. They are now working with Chipotle, Mexican Grill – where stand up hub leaders can mentor volunteers.

What is Food Cycle?

  • FoodCycle volunteers and runs community based projects in order to provide nutritious meals to individuals in need.

Mission: To reduce food poverty


  • WWF is a leading conservation organization and they are teaming up with Scope, an organization that supports disabled people and  their families in order to solve common challenges. The organizations will utilize social psychology insights animgres-2d apply their findings to a recognized area of fundraising. Together, both organizations hope to improve the initial process of creating a network of supporters. Meanwhile, WWF and Scope will address important charitable issues like reasons behind stagnant donations and finding a new approach to making giving easier. WWF ands Scope have approached the need to improve the culture of giving at a advanced level and our finding innovative approaches to do so. They are looking to improve the recruitment and retention of supporters, while addressing the reasons behind stagnation in charitable donations. As well as finding new approaches that make giving easier, they have recognised the need to find innovative ways to strengthen the culture of giving at a systemic level. Both organizations are looking to offer various ways to give charitable supporters a way to control their funds in regards to giving.

What is WWF?

  • WWF’s mission is to protect nature and decrease the ongoing threats to existing life on earth.