Little Helpers: Little-known charities

Davkd MantekGiving to a charity is a powerful feeling. All at once you’re flooded with positivity, knowing that somewhere, someone is smiling because you took a few precious moments to think about them. We’re all aware of the biggest mega-charities, serving the world’s ills with arms in countries all around the world, but what about the little guy? Smaller charities are always appreciative for your consideration, and below are some small charities that are looking to make a big difference.

Arcadia: An interesting take on the traditional non-for-profit, Arcadia’s approach is one that benefits us all. Researching clean, renewable forms of energy, this small company in Rockport, Maine, has big dreams. With the right amount of help, we could help make the world better for our children, and their children’s children.

Pediatric Cancer Foundation: Children are the best of us. Innocently unaware of the world, youth affords an ignorance of hardship, but sadly not everyone is able to enjoy it. The Pediatric Cancer Foundation raises money for children battling cancer. Funds are used to help afford the best doctors and their flights to the children, ensuring they get the very best care.

Alpha House Tampa: A brilliant charity offering aid to women at their most vulnerable, Alpha House has several programs to help women who are expecting. Whether finding affordable medical care or vocational programs to help them get back on their feet, Alpha House wants to do everything they can for the next generation of mothers.

No matter who you choose to support, contributing to a charity brings its own set of returns. The feeling of giving without expectation of return, aiming to improve someone’s life, is a gift all on its own. So when choosing which charity is deserving of your hard-earned money, consider the little charities. A dollar given for a better world is a dollar for us all.