Run For Charity

A marathon demands everything of the runner. A test of stamina and strength, runners train all year for races. Many marathons prohibit entry for any younger than 18, afraid of the damage such a strenuous activity can have on a developing frame. But a determined girl from Bettendorf looks to change hearts and minds by doing what no one her age has ever attempted.

Amber Thomsen is a 13-year-old with big goals and an even bigger heart A cross-country runner in her high school, Amber took to the sport of professional running with a drive and determination that outmatched her unaDavid Mantekssuming age. Joining the Quad Cities Marathon, this young competitor looks to not only go the distance but raise awareness for a good cause.

Every year, over 1,400 people die due to unsafe drinking water. Young Amber Thomsen is driven not by a desire to be the youngest runner to ever cross the Quad Cities’ finish line, but to raise money for the Moline charity Wells 4 Wellness. An organization dedicated to building wells in impoverished areas of the world, Wells 4 Wellness has done some amazing work, and with AMber’s help, will continue to do more.

Aware of this horrible problem for some time even at such a young age, Amber is running to raise awareness, and maybe raise enough money to dig some wells of her own. With the cost of building a fresh well averaging only $1000, the awareness brought to Wells 4 Wellness by this brave 8th grader can bring about some serious change.

Partnered with her ultra-marathoning father, Amber plans to tackle the 26-mile course with youthful vigor. An avid trainer, Amber has been training for her run while keeping up with Dad’s grueling training regimen. Bored with competitions for her age group, this will be Amber’s fifth marathon, and the young lady is eager as ever. A born philanthropist, Amber has raised money for multiple charities in the past and continues to work toward her goal of $3,000 for Wells 4 Wellness.