Skydive for Charity

Life is an adventure, and few of us ever have the courage to take it for what it is. Fleeting, precious, and gone too soon, it’s our jobs to savor every sweet second we have while we can, and an 84-year-old great-grandmother found her inspiration to live life to the fullest when things couldn’t get much darker.

Kingston, a brave blue-haired daredevil, took to the skies upon receiving news that she had very little time left. After being diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer, Kingston decided to make everyDavid Mantek second count. With her prognosis leaving her with only a month to live, she made a resolution to do something she’s always wanted.

Participating in a charity event to raise money for London’s Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, Kingston took to the air in her first skydiving session. Free from her prognosis and morbidity, Kingston’s smile was enough to show that her spirit was stronger than any disease. Since her dive in October 14th, her inspirational story has touched the hearts of many.

Since participating in the charity, Kingston, and her story has raised over £7,000 for ovarian cancer research. “The Royal Marsden,” Kingston says, “extended my life by two years. In that time, I have experienced much joy including seeing my grandson get married.” Paying forward the gift of life, Kingston’s selfless act of raising funds and awareness with the time she has left, can only make us appreciate the time we have.