Spartan Race Investigated for Charity Claims

The well known international brand known as Spartan Race is coming under even more fire due to misconceptions related to their charity givings. Specifically In 2014, Spartan Race was found to donate less than 50 cents per competitor to military charities. Spartan Race marketed their action sports company as a military friendly organization and pledged that some proceeds would go to help military families in need. What angered people was that some racers in these events paid more than $100 to compete, and less than 50 cents per athlete went to the charitable causes.imgres-10

Spartan Race’s CEO and founder, Joe De Sena is quoted in saying, “we wish it could be more,” said at the time the investigation came to light, and he promised a better change in 2015.

After more questions were raised in the spring of 2014 about the organizations charitable givings, Spartan Race stopped discussions about their charitable status with other military based organizations. Spartan Race did however continue their strong encouragement of racers fundraising paired with their own training and participation in the event.

Interestingly enough from 2013 to 2014 the Spartan Race organization reported that donations from participants went up 360%. Since the stories began to rise the company has added onto their charity program. Racers can now achieve free entry to the events if they raise a certain amount of funds for pre-selected non-profit organizations.

Spartan Race also said its direct donations to charity went up 12%, without any specific or concrete numbers available. Spartan Race also added a national television deal with NBC Sports this past year to join its existing national sponsorship deal with Reebok. Joe De Sena detailed to the press in 2014 that deals with venture capitalists mean profits come first. He was quoted in saying…

“With those profits, we’d like to give a nice portion to charities.” “We’d love for all our employees to donate to charities, but more importantly, we’d love for all our participants to donate to charities.”