Springfield Residents Unite to Aid Ebola Patients

David Mantek - Ebola Food DriveThis weekend, more than 5,000 Springfield residents gathered at the Springfield Expo Center and packed meal to be sent to Liberia to the hospitalized Ebola patients and their families. This drive called Meal-A-Million-Pack-A-Thon is organized by Friends Against Hunger, a program that has be active working since 2012 to send meals to the needy.

Executive Director of Friends Against Hunger, Karen Woods says that this year the program intends to pack and distribute 1.2 millions meals all over US and all over the world and the Springfield Expo Centre campaign targeted approximately 300,000 meals for the Ebola victims. Woods is also impressed by the citizens of Missouri and their passionate persistence in rising up to the challenge of helping the needy.

Iowa’s Outreach, Inc., in partnership with Friends Against Hunger, has been responsible for sending consignment of meals to victims of Hurricane Sandy and Philippines’ Typhoon Haiyan and is also responsible for sending 1.2 million meals to the Ebola victims in Liberia, including Springfield’s 300,000 to hospitals housing Ebola victims.

Walter Gwenigale, a resident of Des Moines, Iowa is the son of the Minister of Health in Liberia and says that it is essential for Ebola victims to receive plenty of nutritional meals to accelerate healing. The hospitals in Liberia are not equipped to provide the necessary meals so families have taken up this responsibility, which is now hindered due to the quarantine approach and that is why shipping these meals is helping save lives of the thousands battling Ebola.

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