How Crowdfunding Helped Non-Profits!

Although the industry is named non-profit, organizations still require money to stay a float, spread awareness and get the job done. That’s where crowdfunding comes in. According to this infographic provided by MobileCause (a fundraising platform). Crowdfunding has also helped nonprofits reach new audiences and find committed donors.




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7 Signs The Charity isn’t Legit

When natural disasters strike, people are quick to open their hearts as well as their wallets to help out those in need. But it is always important to remain vigilant of individuals or groups that are ouDavid Mantekt there to steal your well-intended donations.

With the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal earlier this month, the outpour of support around the world has been incredibly and very welcomed. But it is during times like this that donors can become careless in an effort to help as quickly as possible. Understandably, time is of the essence when it comes to situations like those currently faced by the people of Nepal but the best and speedier help can come from well-established charitable organization.

If a person wants to help out the thousands displaced by the earthquake, H. Art Taylor, president and CEO of the Wise Giving Alliance of the Better Business Bureau, recommends giving to established organizations that already maintain a presence in the affected area.

Along with that, the Wise Giving Alliance has some signs that donors should look out for to discern legit charities from those that may have ill-intentions:

1. Only accepting cash donations or wire transfers

2. Can’t breakdown how donations will be used

3. Can’t verify their nonprofit status

  • It is important to note that legitimate nonprofit organizations, in order to maintain their status, have to make public a wealth of information regarding their operations, assets, employee salaries, and security. This information is easily accessible through organizations that track charities.

4. The name sounds like the name of an already established org.

5. Puts pressure on donating immediately

6. Requests donations over the phone

7. Little to no proven track record



Tab For Cause

tab For cause david mantek

What if I Told you theres a charity out there donating money every time their users “open a new tab”. No, seriously… A web app called Tab For A Cause will transform your browser’s blank canvases and turn them into a convenient way to donate to your favorite charity. Every time you open a “new tab”  in Chrome or Firefox, the app populates the page with blogs about causes like education and poverty, oh yeah – can’t forget the advertisements.

Giving over the rights to your browser tabs now allows you to help empower communities and establish local language for kids. Some charities that are receiving donations via Tab For A Cause are,, Room to Read, Human Rights Watch, Conservation International, International Peace Institute and Save the Children.

“Created by Silicon Valley residents Alex Groth and Kevin Jennison, Tab For a Cause donates one-tenth to one-fifth of a cent each time a user opens a new tab, the Los Angeles Times reports.”

Alex Groth, 22, told the la times that his sole motive was to try and make giving easier. Groth graduated this year from Pomona College in California, He states “In college it doesn’t seem like any donation I can give to a charity is going to be very impactful,” he said. “And I kind of wanted to create a way where everyone can be giving to charity regardless of your monetary worth at that time.”



Springfield Residents Unite to Aid Ebola Patients

David Mantek - Ebola Food DriveThis weekend, more than 5,000 Springfield residents gathered at the Springfield Expo Center and packed meal to be sent to Liberia to the hospitalized Ebola patients and their families. This drive called Meal-A-Million-Pack-A-Thon is organized by Friends Against Hunger, a program that has be active working since 2012 to send meals to the needy.

Executive Director of Friends Against Hunger, Karen Woods says that this year the program intends to pack and distribute 1.2 millions meals all over US and all over the world and the Springfield Expo Centre campaign targeted approximately 300,000 meals for the Ebola victims. Woods is also impressed by the citizens of Missouri and their passionate persistence in rising up to the challenge of helping the needy.

Iowa’s Outreach, Inc., in partnership with Friends Against Hunger, has been responsible for sending consignment of meals to victims of Hurricane Sandy and Philippines’ Typhoon Haiyan and is also responsible for sending 1.2 million meals to the Ebola victims in Liberia, including Springfield’s 300,000 to hospitals housing Ebola victims.

Walter Gwenigale, a resident of Des Moines, Iowa is the son of the Minister of Health in Liberia and says that it is essential for Ebola victims to receive plenty of nutritional meals to accelerate healing. The hospitals in Liberia are not equipped to provide the necessary meals so families have taken up this responsibility, which is now hindered due to the quarantine approach and that is why shipping these meals is helping save lives of the thousands battling Ebola.

For more details on donating to the cause, click here.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

A CBS News article written by Jonathan Berr mentions that until recently no one knew how to spread the word about Lou Gehrig’s disease, also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).  That isn’t a problem anymore as a simple challenge has become and internet sensation and awareness is firmly in the know.

davidmantek_icebucketchallengeThe Ice Bucket Challenge was started by two friends with ALS and a group of pro golfers raising money from charity.  With the charities that received donations being associated with ALS, the Ice Bucket Challenge soon became an internet hit and now the ALS Association is glad that it did.  According to the association, from July 29 to August 18 they have received over $15.6 million in donations.  The ALS Association received the donations from 307,598 previous and new donors and the $15.6 million in the three week period was over a 750 percent increase from donations during that time the previous year.

The Ice Bucket Challenge hasn’t just been shared among friends on Facebook, it has reached celebrities like Justin Timberlake, sports athletes like Lebron James, politicians like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and high level executives like Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

As unfortunate as it is, because most donations to charities come from the private sector, all charities are often competing for the public’s donation.  That’s what makes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge so fantastic.  As the article mentions, it is increasingly tough to get noticed by the public for a good cause with so many organizations in the loop.  The “media-saturated” age in which we are living makes the ice bucket challenge a feat because of who it’s reached.  While many donations before the wave of the Ice Bucket Challenge have come from an older crowd, the Ice Bucket Challenge has reached out to the younger generation.  The videos from participants keep coming and the ALS Association is hoping the donations do too.