Volunteering in America

It has never been a better time for American adults to volunteer. Since the 2008 financial crisis, funding from public and private sources have been cut for nonprofits while the demand for their services has increased. Four in five nonprofits work with volunteers and seriously rely on their help. Volunteer tasks range from setting up tables to helping run the organization.

davidmantek_volunteerThroughout Long Island, there is a wide range of opportunities for people to volunteer for nonprofits to help fulfill their missions. Volunteers want to choose a organization that they can relate to and speaks to them personally. Some volunteers look for organizations that support a certain cause or those that serve specific groups such as children or veterans. While you try to find the right group for you, look at what you could potentially gain from your experience. Are you looking to meet new people, give back to the community or gain skills to help you in your career?

While you think of organizations and causes that speak to you, make sure you go with a well-run organization that has a reputable presence in your community. It’s also a good idea to visit the websites of third-party rating organizations such as Charity Navigator, GuideStar and the New York Philanthropic Advisory Service of the Better Business Bureau, which recommend charities based on various criteria.

Once you’ve found your perfect fit, contact them and figure out how you can be of help. Be realistic with the amount of time you have to volunteer and start small to get your food in the door. See how much you like it and then consider participating on a higher scale.

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